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The service department is formed as a support to projecting department and it provides a complete service of a montage, repair and maintenance of all radio equipment in Adut's sales offer.

By delivering a radio equipment to the customer, our task is not finished. If it occurs that during a routine inspection, there is some kind of error or interference, our engineers are able to locate and fix the glitch anytime and remove it ASAP.

Repair of the equipment is performed within our facilities, or on the field, depending of current situation, and we have at our disposal always an abundant stock of spare parts so we can promptly intervene. The service department have up to date measuring equipment, which is constantly renewed and enhanced, so our crew can be in course with latest technical attainments and fulfill your various requirements.

The service staff is a highly educated with a long-standing experience. The regular attendance to all expert courses, provided by Motorola for it's business partners, provides the acquisition of knowledge about latest achievements in the field of the radio communications

Adut intercedes for continuous enhancing of the quality and establishing partner relationships with our clients, with mutual satisfaction.

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