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In today's highly competitive world, it's the difference that it counts - and Motorola makes that difference. The thousands of Motorola SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems installed worldwide, and thirty years of experience, and evidence of Motorola's ability to offer you powerful SCADA solutions. MOSCAD RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) and SCADA systems utilize innovative technologies which allow integrated turnkey installations tailored to applications in utility, energy, telecommunications, public safety, transportation and other industries.

MOSCAD's best-in-class performance and high quality can result in increased cost benefits. With the introduction of automation and remote control, your investments in equipment and trained personnel may be fully utilized. Motorola SCADA solutions combined with reliable communications can help enhance performance of the installed equipment by creating new dimension of intelligence and operating flexibility.


MOSCAD allows you to integrate new SCADA systems or expand existing ones, using your present communication media, Master Control Centre software and the most suitable data protocol.

Then, as your operating needs grow, intelligent upgrades to your MOSCAD system may be added to further enhance its operating performance.