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Your needs for professional communications had to bi figured in radio communication system in most convenient way. Adut is able to provide whole set of services in the projecting field - from general solutions, over the propagation analysis and determine of service zone according terrain configuration, up to executive solutions.

When developing general solutions, Adut have a great experience, gathered during last two decades in suggesting all varieties of solutions according "turn key" principle, which can be supported by numerous references in this area. Adut will always suggest a right solution, ether you need part - time communication between few co-workers, or your firm is organized in the way that your needs can be satisfied only by full time dispatch service with cluster of repeater stations in your county region.

All the specifics and restrictions of radio communication system are dependent of radio propagation. Characteristics of radio propagation over the service zone of interest are often main obstacle between communication needs and user expectations in comparison to the communication possibilities of a radio system. Thus we make a great effort in making a propagation study for which we use solutions such a computer propagation analysis and direct calculation of service zone for your communication system.

The computer and digital terrain model usage gives possibility of easier and fastest development of various propagation scenarios. Thus is achieved a usage of optimal solutions and avoiding of expensive errors in system planning. Adut gives you a service of providing all necessary certificates for your system and correspondence with all competent ministry departments and other establishments so you wouldn't spend any of your time for gathering needed documentation.

We are at you service with complete favor of developing a project documentation for your system, and we'll do everything so the way between an idea and final realization can be possible.

The easiest way to contact our radio communication projecting department is by an e-mail.