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To give you best advice for your needs, we can offer you a complete Motorola's analog and digital radio devices program. For realization of major and complex projects, we have at our disposal a complete Motorola's expert team, so we can guarantee that doesn't exist any problem in the field of radio communication that we can't deal with.

For all information about equipment supply (models, prices, terms of delivery etc.) please contact us by the phone, fax or an e-mail.

Also we can inform you that we become an authorized distributor of Microcom products, which produces radio modems for Motorola radio stations. All of the products have attest by Motorola and they fills our offer for telemetry systems with fast UHF/VHF communications (9.600 bps, GMSK modulation).







Police, fire, utilities, goverment and other large organisations generally require comprehensive radio and telephone schemes involving multiple chanenels, several radio sites and one or more operators. The schemes may integrate telephones and computers and combine both voice and data.

Frequently there are special individual requirements in the applications of these customers. these applications are met with the Private Mobile Networks range wich includes command and control centers, wide area voice and data systems and firefighter call out systems.